You have just entered room "MilwECOctober."
AlaisBlue: Simple enough'
HT Prac has entered the room.
HT Prac: did you ask pat in as juspat7653?
juspat7653 has entered the room.
AlaisBlue: Yes
AlaisBlue: There she is
HT Prac: there she is coo.
Yew Knight has entered the room.
HT Prac: Where are the rest of them?
Yew Knight: Mcgee is going to be late.
Yew Knight: About 45 minutes.
Yew Knight: Other than that EC should all be here in a second.
Yew Knight: Heidi and Kris are getting set up.
HT Prac: Hello yew introduce yourself to pat please
Yew Knight: Bon soir madam - This is Chris Spencer, pardon my poor maners.
Yew Knight: (pst - and my poor spelling)
HT Prac: She doesn't know any of the eauclaire players
juspat7653: Hi, I'm Juspat with a few numbers, depending on where I am.
HT Prac: chris lives with sabrina in sin at the moment right chris?
Yew Knight: The lot of us consists of: Brian Mcgee, Kris Kelly, Heidi Jackson, myself, and Sabrina Davis.
HT Prac: The best way to go
juspat7653: Living in sin is the best way
Yew Knight: Of course.
Yew Knight: I'm an earthy sort of pagan... we love our sins.
Yew Knight: But I don't think of them as sins, just vices.
Yew Knight: ;-)
HT Prac: Brian used to live in Mukwanago and was part of milwaukee from way back recently moved to the north woods.
Yew Knight: Yes - we were grateful to have him.
juspat7653: Oh cool, I get to learn all this chat room =-Ostuff
Yew Knight: I'm going to swap colors... make it easier to tell when it's me speaking.
Yew Knight: Is this color legible to all?
AlaisBlue: Where is everybody?
HT Prac: Yes he has the intellect and the energy to help stablize the chaos up there. Pat has never been to Eau Claire and until 2 years ago lived out of state sooooo she has a fresh perspective.
Yew Knight: Not too much chaos in EC... we have our moments ...
HT Prac: I don't know. Barb was planning on it perhaps with alex on the same computer do you know all the screen names?
juspat7653: When did Brian move up there
Yew Knight: gotta fly... have to save Sabrina's puter.
HT Prac: I can check my email be back in a flash.
Light the Knight has entered the room.
Yew Knight: Jase's coming.
Light the Knight: Jase is here
Yew Knight
: Yey
juspat7653: Hi Jase. Guess who?
Light the Knight: Who?
Light the Knight
: lol
Yew Knight
: ::"there was much rejoycing::
HT Prac: Hello jas are you light the knight?
Yew Knight: ::and an end quote::
Light the Knight: ::yea....: said the pesents
Light the Knight
: Yuppers
Light the Knight
: peasents
Light the Knight
: lol
HT Prac
: cute just as you described. What email are you using these days
juspat7653: peasants
Light the Knight: Same one's this is just my online name
Yew Knight
: Pat - I must warn you.. Jason and I are the tu werst spelors.
AlaisBlue: Jason how did you get in?
AlaisBlue: Can every one invite?
Light the Knight: *LOOKING VERY TRAGIC* don't pick on my spelling or we will never get through this conv.
Yew Knight
: If you start the habbit of correcting us, you will be busy all night.
HT Prac: and slow to type at tymes
Yew Knight: Not I?! 80 WAM.
Light the Knight: Cause we're in the medievel tymes
: I wouldn't usually, but you kept making it worser.
Light the Knight: Hey that's what I do best...
Yew Knight
: This is just the beginning.
HT Prac: I told you she fits right in.
Light the Knight: wait till we start doing things like Kewl
Yew Knight
: How about l8er?
Light the Knight: Barb is going to the bathroom and will then be in
HT Prac
: HOw do I make pretty letters?
Light the Knight: What do you mean pretty letters?
Yew Knight
: Click on the little blue "A" on the menu just above your text box.
Light the Knight: you mean colored?
Light the Knight
: So pat...are you awake tonite?
: I'm here
juspat7653: and awake
Yew Knight: afk
Light the Knight: <===missinformed barb that it was at ten instead of 9
: ?
Light the Knight: almost didn't make it myself
HT Prac
: jas did you know I still have the sweekey door when someone enters the room? shades of you I am shure
Light the Knight: LOL...Yuppers....hehe
: I want the squeaky door, how do I get it.
HT Prac: So I now have color yeh
Light the Knight: YOU go GURL!
HT Prac
: Have jas live iwth you and no computer of his own for a while he will leave legasys
Light the Knight: sEE ThEn You JUsT NEeD tO tYPE fUnky
: Here comes Barb
fnkychakra has entered the room.
Yew Knight: Heidi's here too.
Light the Knight: So sayth Sabrina
Yew Knight
: Or maybe that's Kris.
Light the Knight: Hola Barb and Hiedi
: alex and i are here too
juspat7653: I now have color and sound
CelestineGoddess has entered the room.
fnkychakra: is chris and heide jus...
AlaisBlue: Welcome Kris Kelly
CelestineGoddess: hello
AlaisBlue: Heidi will be on sabrinadavishsa
AlaisBlue: in a moment
Light the Knight: WoW now that a sign on name
Yew Knight
: CelestineGoddess = Kris Kelly.
AlaisBlue: Yep like all of our HSA awesome people
Light the Knight: How apropo Kris
HT Prac
: Love the sign on honey
fnkychakra: could we get a credit list from EC so i know the players?
Yew Knight: EC SOUNDOFF!
HT Prac: shure sweety
Yew Knight: Chris Spencer! same ol' same ol'
HT Prac: Jax is present and accounted for better then in the reel world
fnkychakra: got it
juspat7653: Is fnkychakra barb or alex?
HT Prac: So does sabrina get stuck with the mortal list this time I hope so.......
HT Prac: both they are on one computer
Yew Knight: As usual.
Light the Knight: <======SO feeling the JASE Energies ~~~~~~*>*>*>*#*#*#
: its barb but we are here in unison
Light the Knight: *BARBALEXY*
HT Prac
: So everyone take a deep breath :-)
Yew Knight: LOL
Yew Knight: LOL
Yew Knight: Jax - when you said that sabrina started coughing.
Light the Knight: LMAO
Light the Knight
HT Prac
: Pat you are about to be asked what you picked up on monday night in your sleep so get ready......
Yew Knight: Heidi's not in here yet.
HT Prac: we have four minutes to average connect time.
fnkychakra: yep
fnkychakra: is begee on somewhere
HT Prac: 3 minutes
AlaisBlue: Well its minutes later
AlaisBlue: sorry everyone - things are slowly coming together over here
CelestineGoddess: hey jax how are you
Yew Knight: I think this meeting was destined for 930..
CelestineGoddess: its kris
Light the Knight: I agree
Yew Knight
: Ouch
HT Prac: good and bad depending on the astral human plane the question comes from.
Yew Knight: Stay dark please.
AlaisBlue: Welcome to the first international er interstate er state wide conference aim
juspat7653: That green is a little hard on the older eyes
Yew Knight: On younger eyes too.
Light the Knight: Yea Kris that is kinda intense
Light the Knight
: hehe
: its ok i changed it
HT Prac: soo change it but I got indigo tonight
Light the Knight: WOOO HOOO!
: so is megee with us or not
AlaisBlue: McGee is NOT here yet
HT Prac: late as usual
AlaisBlue: 45 minutes most likely
AlaisBlue: bc
Light the Knight: LOL...Jackie...I got indigo
Yew Knight
: Kris - trying to step on my green monopoly!
fnkychakra: LOL
CelestineGoddess has left the room.
AlaisBlue: Kris is coming back on with his own name happily so
HT Prac: yes but mine is fancier
Light the Knight
: fine.....all my words will now be Very Soothing
Yew Knight
: Does this mean Heidi is going to be Celestine?
HT Prac: ok so I over did it.
: why does every fight start with mine is bigger than yours
Yew Knight: Envy is a powerful form of fear.
HT Prac: only with jas and I it is a penis boob thing with us
: lol
Light the Knight: Penis bood thing...You said it...
HT Prac
: cute:-)
: ok we can't be outdone and stay plain
juspat7653: you are too silly
HT Prac: can we change fonts too?
Light the Knight
: LOL...we'll never be able to read this
: but isn't it fun
Light the Knight: Barb yours I think falls under the NO DAYGLO clause of this meeting
Light the Knight
: :-)
has entered the room.
HT Prac: ohh what did I miss?
: too intense":-)
Light the Knight: Exactly :-
: ok ok
juspat7653: easier than that light green, tho
CelestineGoddess: hey!!! i'm here finally!!! ---Heidi
HT Prac: so now we are seven who want to be the root chakra tonight?
has entered the room.
Yew Knight: <font face=impact>Can it be done?
Yew Knight: DAMN!
fnkychakra: hows this
HT Prac
: better
Yew Knight
: <font face="courier">This one?
Yew Knight: GRRR!!
Light the Knight: You can't change it in the chat rooms
: Jason
AlaisBlue: check
AlaisBlue: Jackie
juspat7653: Jackie, how many colors have you been through so far? Or am I hallucinating
AlaisBlue: check
AlaisBlue: heidi, kris, sabrina, chris
HT Prac has left the room.
fnkychakra: is astralwarriork megee
: where did jackie go?
juspat7653: thanks
astralwarriork: no its kris new name
: check
fnkychakra: ok
: Recording Role Call:
: check
Light the Knight
: check
: Milw: Barb, Alex, Jason, Pat
: Jackie will come back yes?
: i presume
Light the Knight
: I think so....
: maybe her computer locked up.
AlaisBlue: Alright, EC: Sabrina, Chris, Kris & Heidi
has left the room.
fnkychakra: what is this bathroom break time
Light the Knight
Light the Knight
: Jackie LOST her connect she will be joinging us shortly
Light the Knight
: Thank you for using Jason's infoastral messaging service
: Heidi is having technicial difficulties
Light the Knight
: If you would like to connect to you spirit guide press 1
Light the Knight
: to god press 2
: do i dare ask what kind
Yew Knight
: 2
Yew Knight: 22
Light the Knight: to the goddess press 3
Yew Knight
: I have to give him a piece of my mind.
juspat7653: 1,2,3
Yew Knight: No kidding Pat.
Light the Knight: to the innerchild press the star key
: ************
AlaisBlue: Ok lets get started please
AlaisBlue: Pat have you been "briefed"
astralwarriork: im ready
juspat7653: yes, I think
Light the Knight: Is Mcgee here?
: not yet
astralwarriork: he is at work
Light the Knight: is he coming"?
: yes but late
HT Prac has entered the room.
fnkychakra: i need to let everyone know the weekend of the 10th may not work for me as my mom may be discharged the day before
: No Mcgee is not here yet
astralwarriork: hello
HT Prac: sorry my computer errored me out some how.
HT Prac: I am back
Yew Knight: That was jase's faulty messaging sys.
fnkychakra: for those in EC that may not know my mom had a stroke a month ago and is in rehab
HT Prac
: too many color changes maybe. who knows.
AlaisBlue: I will announce to you when MCGEE arrives.
Yew Knight: She's so damn formal.
CelestineGoddess has entered the room.
Light the Knight: Wait it get's better
: yes she is
CelestineGoddess: fHere is Heidi
CelestineGoddess: yayaya
CelestineGoddess: !!
HT Prac: So can we get started with out him please my pillow is calling me.
Yew Knight: LOL - I thought I was listening to a new age radio station - now it turned to fiesta!
Yew Knight: AHHH!
AlaisBlue: I said : LETS GET STARTED
: Pat - Have you been briefed
: yes,
AlaisBlue: Ok. Starting topic is the Weekend of November 10 - 11 - 12
: Hi all!!! Let's see if I stay online this time!!!
AlaisBlue: Friday Saturday Sunday.
Light the Knight
: Barb?
HT Prac
: friday night
fnkychakra: did anyone catch my earlier not obviously not or the question would not come u p again
: Friday Night - do we have a place yet?
HT Prac
: What is the limit to the budgets.
AlaisBlue: 40$ per person
: for EC
Light the Knight
: That's my question cause I think I might have found a GREAT bed and bre3akfest
: We can bring our own food.
Light the Knight
: per night?
HT Prac
: can anyone afford up to 100 dollars includeing food?
fnkychakra: HOLD ON I and only I may not make it that weekend for the above stated reason
: fnkychakra: i need to let everyone know the weekend of the 10th may not work for me as my mom may be discharged the day before
Light the Knight
: Barb...the question is can you make it any other weekend instead?
HT Prac
: waiting is so much fun
Light the Knight: Barb's checking her EXTENSIVE social calendar
: yes but the unfortuneate answer is that i don't know which one yet and the 10th may still be ok I may know as early as tomorrow
: i wish it were social:-)
Light the Knight
: well....?
Light the Knight
: No weekend after nov. is going to work for me till after Jan
: Ok. Eau Claire has made arrangements.
: well; i'l let you know tomorrow
: Sabrina what do you mean?
: Simply send an email to me and I will let everyone else know :-)
: :-)
: All of us up here have already made all arrangements
Light the Knight
: then lets go ahead with that weekend
: let's continue as if we are going on the 10
Light the Knight
: Barb will or will not be there
: Ok. I have a suggestion.
Light the Knight
: Let's trust...........
: sounds good to me
Light the Knight
: what suggestion Sabrina?
: nevermind -
: sorry.
HT Prac
: So where is the B and B?
astralwarriork: you should be
astralwarriork: sorry that is
fnkychakra: so where is it jase
HT Prac
: Will we be the only inhabitants?
Light the Knight: It's called Terrace B
Light the Knight
: I haven't asked yet
Light the Knight
: they give discounts to organzations
: does it feel right to you jase
HT Prac
: So we can be an MCFI group with tax id number and all if necessary
Light the Knight:
CelestineGoddess has left the room.
Light the Knight: it would be a great place...I just don't know if we can afford it
HT Prac
: Where is it?
Light the Knight: it's got a library
Light the Knight
: and fire place
Light the Knight
: s
Light the Knight
: Wisconsin Dells
Light the Knight
: that's the only place I looked
Light the Knight
: It's just a suggestion
: Ok. Can someone look into the cheaper room rates?
Light the Knight
: I can
: we can live with 100 but if you can find a place cheaper that feels good that would be better
Light the Knight
: how much a Night?
Light the Knight
: that's the real question
: We cannot do 100
HT Prac
: cool that is a great idea. So 80 dollars each plus food we can do it . Can't we no place else is going to be cheaper unless we live in nature and we all know who wants to CAMP
Light the Knight: Everyone just throw out numbers
has entered the room.
CelestineGoddess: am i here?
Yew Knight: Yup.
AlaisBlue: 80$ a night?
: we poor people
Light the Knight: That's why I was going to see if we could get the whole place for cheaper
: I think since the entity issue is up here anyways that we should forget paying for loding and let me host this from my new home.
HT Prac
: no 40 dollars a night two nights.
Yew Knight: Wow... intresting idea.
Light the Knight: I don't want to do this in EC no offense sabrina
Yew Knight
: ?
HT Prac: wait this is a healing weekend not an entity deal
Yew Knight: We can heal in EC too.
AlaisBlue: No, this is not just a healing weekend. Sunday is strictly for brainstorming the entity.
Light the Knight
: Whoa....
Light the Knight
: Everyone let's not make assumptions
HT Prac
: no way when did that happen;/
Light the Knight: we haven't decided anything yet
Light the Knight
: relax....
Light the Knight
: That's what this whole discussion is for
: I stayed at a little resort NE of the dells this summer that was about 80/night, 3br, lr kitchen on a lake
AlaisBlue: In the book that I tooke notes in I have written down everyone's brief interjections - after the fact we had some dates and need for the healing weekend.
Light the Knight
: to Get EVERYone's idieas
Light the Knight
: yea cabins might be our best bet
Yew Knight
: I like the idea of doing it at Brina's new home... it's a wonderful space... and it would be cheap enough for the poor ones.
AlaisBlue: And on Sunday to brainstorm the ideas to get rid of the entity - even if it means each group takes 1 and gets rid of it.
Yew Knight
: Are we talking about what we are going to do this weekend or where we're going to be.
Yew Knight: One at a time pleez
Light the Knight: Yea chris is right....let's focus
: i don't see us in a postion to do anything but heal and talk about future plans that weekend
Light the Knight
: let's decide where we want to be first
Light the Knight
: then we'll discuss WHAT we want to do
: jase why not EC?
Light the Knight
: sound good?
: Once Again: Need for Healing, brainstorm entity - that was it.
HT Prac
: NO I do not agree we are not even a group yet and to move to entiy stuff before we are ready is not part of my plan. I will not participate if that is what you think of the TIME we need sorry sabrina but you are premature there
Yew Knight: Good for me.
Yew Knight: WHERE?
Light the Knight: Brina/Jax
Light the Knight
: let's revisit that in a minute
Yew Knight
: Okay - ideas for where...?
Yew Knight: EC...
Light the Knight: The reason NOT EC is that in my oponion this should be done somewhere that is in the middle
: A where for those of us up here cannot cost more than $40 per person INCLUDING food.
Yew Knight
: ... camping (I have to hope)
Light the Knight: as in we are all coming togeather
Light the Knight
: in a NEW place
: got it jase
: i think ec would be a good idea
Yew Knight: Me too.. my pocket book especially.
Light the Knight: I think Milwaukee would be a great place
: As i said while you were all fighting... I know of a little resort for a 3 BR cottage on lake for 80 /night NE of dells
astralwarriork: i have no money
Light the Knight: I think Pat has a Great Idea
: sounds good pat
Light the Knight
: if it's a flat rate
: we have driven to Milw. countless times, our pocketbooks are exhausted
Light the Knight: of 80
: and i feel the dells is a good place
Yew Knight
: works for me
CelestineGoddess: especially since all of us EC poeple are in the process of moving this weekend
HT Prac: We could divide 80 dollars 8 ways per night that is 20 per person before food.
Light the Knight: Actually it's 15
: 3 bedrooms. EC in one room and Milw in another and the center room for healing space?
Light the Knight
: 17
: and we could be responsible for our own food
Light the Knight
: your forgeting Mcgee
Light the Knight
: If everyone did 10 dollars we could make it stretch if we did it right
: Who is forgetting McGee?
HT Prac
: your right ....
Light the Knight: Jackie was in the 20 thing
HT Prac
: I was in the calculations
fnkychakra: i don't think if this is a healing weekend we should look at separating ourselves like that even if it is in this discussion
Yew Knight
: Fnky - I think she's talking about sleeping arangments.
fnkychakra: is
: yes
: opps
Light the Knight
: I think we should sleep whereever we want....Chris YOU and I could get a tent...hehe
Yew Knight
: Barb - despite we are all healing, we are still two seperate groups... and that should be acknowledged.
HT Prac: I think the sleeping arrangements could be handled well if it normally sleeps 6 and we have 9 we have done alot worse in our day.
fnkychakra: i know but let's be careful about languaging
: i think so to
Yew Knight: M'kay - so... Sabrina's new house???
fnkychakra: ok so what topic can we comlete now
HT Prac
: At this point have we agreed to try to get the room pat suggested? does it have a fireplace?
CelestineGoddess: nothing actually
Yew Knight: I like the idea... we get to host... Sabrina gets to show off her new house... and it's large enough.
juspat7653: no
Yew Knight: k
Light the Knight: pat's awnser was to the fireplace question chris not you...hehe
Yew Knight
: Dells it is.
HT Prac: how about room ffor a fire outside?
juspat7653: There were at least grills, but I think I remember pits too
CelestineGoddess: why fire?
HT Prac: are there other people around? is it privately owned or a resort type thing?
Light the Knight: cause it's SO KEWL lookin
: alex will bring the shovel
HT Prac
: so do we have a vote? do we try to get the cheap place pat suggests?
juspat7653: It's privately owned, there's a small motel like set of rooms, a lodge a game room and various cottages through the woods.
fnkychakra: we say YES
: and let's move on...
: golf course across the road on the non-lake side. Can't imagine they get much traffic this time of year
HT Prac: Well group what is the vote
Light the Knight: Wait....what bout Brina's house
Light the Knight
: Or for that matter someplace here in Milw.
HT Prac
: I have 4 yeses so far No to brina's house for me
fnkychakra: i still think the dells is the best for many reasons
HT Prac
: mee tooo
Light the Knight: Ok Jax/BarbAlex
Light the Knight
: we know the reason's
: but i do want to see your house sabrina
: i think it should be closer to the middle
Light the Knight: I want to hear from Kris Hiedi
Light the Knight
: Pat Brina and Chris
: i am just very slow in typing
fnkychakra: the dells is in the middle
: I' m pretty neutral
astralwarriork: that would be good for me
AlaisBlue: And its netural for when the fighting occurs :-)
: I'm for middle ground. If we can't get that, definately EC.
fnkychakra: :-):-):-)
: if it is cheap
Light the Knight: OK
Yew Knight
: Dells is good.
CelestineGoddess: Dells it is?
Yew Knight: Let's move on.
Light the Knight: So Dells?
: yes
Light the Knight: Just say yes or no
: yes
Light the Knight: yes
: yes:Dells
Yew Knight: Alright - we're worse than congress.
HT Prac: dells yes
AlaisBlue: Dells
Light the Knight
: Yew Yes or No?
Yew Knight
: Yes
AlaisBlue: So, now we know where we will be - Yes?
Light the Knight
: OK Dells it is
Yew Knight
: Yes
Yew Knight: Yey!
AlaisBlue: Now, Friday and Saturday Healing -
Light the Knight
: LOL- Motion Carried
has left the room.
AlaisBlue: Sunday ??? Jason - Don't start ::wink::
HT Prac
: Now what is the intent..... let us start there.
Light the Knight: why don't we just enter this weekend with the thought that we will DO what NEEDS to be done?
: NO
: That always gets us in trouble. :-)
HT Prac
: no way to many ideas about what nneeds to be done
Light the Knight: I thought i would put it out there for ol' times sake :-
has entered the room.
AlaisBlue: Healing was mentioned first. Brainstorming second.
HT Prac
: cute:-)\
astralwarriork: sorry lost it for a sec
AlaisBlue: I say healing Friday & Saturday. Brainstorming Sunday.
Light the Knight: I think both of those are enough
Yew Knight
: Agreed.
astralwarriork: yes
fnkychakra: i figured we would need the whole weekend for healing anyway
: I disagree
Light the Knight: No action other then healing and communicating ideas
Yew Knight
: I'm not THAT banged up.
fnkychakra: now that i think about it
: MCgee said last night: HEALING must occur in VARIED forms.
AlaisBlue: And we must let it happen
HT Prac: Healing is the only intent that we can hope to accomplish at all. we have a lot of work to do in that area and we will not be able to do it if we have two purposes
AlaisBlue: in VARIED forms.
HT Prac: I will not fast track this
Light the Knight: Communication is Essential to healing
: No action, just an open forum for communication and mending the bonds between us all
fnkychakra: that's not what i mean (personal healing only) there are links to be healed as well
Light the Knight
: Sabrina suggests leaving having communicated the NEXT STEP not TAKING it
Yew Knight
: Jax - do we even know what our purposes are?
AlaisBlue: Sorry Healer - but you need to compromise. I understand that need for doing it right bc you can be the person to pick up if its wrong and we all line up at your table, but we have to be strong individual people and heal ourselves as well - a little different this time.
AlaisBlue: It was stated from Spiritual to Physical.
Light the Knight: WHOA
Light the Knight
: Celestine has it best
Light the Knight
: Open forum of DISCUSSION on Sun
: Brainstorming -
Light the Knight: where we bring up what needs discussing
Light the Knight
: WHATEVER that may be
HT Prac
: I will not raise group energy with any other intent besides healing if we decide that other things are going to happen I will opt out of the entire thing and will not come. I am sorry but I cannot work on this kind of time frame especially if I end up sleeping on the floor with no pool.
AlaisBlue: I think the entity issue should be mandatory to at least bring up before the weekend is over.
AlaisBlue: Jackie: Nobody is DOING anything. We will heal and discuss. Mend links.
Yew Knight: Jax - all we are doing is healing and talking... we aren't going to take any action...
astralwarriork: i think brain storming on sun
AlaisBlue: Where are you getting this idea that we are going to kick somethings ass?
CelestineGoddess: no one is suggesting ANY form of action, what we discuss may not be carried out for several months after even more discussion
Light the Knight: Jackie Remember it takes BOTH sides of this
Light the Knight
: Our links are frayed cause we didn't talk enough
: Why don't we start one DAY at a time.
AlaisBlue: Friday Night -???
HT Prac: No compromise this time. I have tried that in the past and ended up in trouble for it. I will not clean up messes this time. sorry sabrina but you are wrong here
AlaisBlue: This is not going to fly.
CelestineGoddess: wrong about what?
astralwarriork: really
Light the Knight: Jackie/Sabrina
Light the Knight
: You two are going head to head
: Mending links is mending links. Whether in ritual or healing space or what have you. I think mcGee was right about varied modalities
Light the Knight: stop it
: NO - this is open discussion. Not Jackie Sabinra - Jackie Sabrina Chris Jason Heidi Kris
Light the Knight: You both are feeling the SAME thing you just want to call it YOUR way
: there is nothing wrong with thinking about the entity
Yew Knight: Jackie - healing and tailoring our links is NOT unreasonable.
AlaisBlue: Healing, NO Action, discussion. Go Home.
CelestineGoddess: things are getting confused. I want to know what exactly Jackie thinks is going to happen that she will not approve of.
fnkychakra: hold on we are hear too
Yew Knight
astralwarriork: healing , no action , discustion go home
Light the Knight: is this a mantra?
: Allwe are saying is this: Healing, no action, discussion, go home. Period.
AlaisBlue: How much more clear can we make this?
astralwarriork: yesa it is
Light the Knight: I think Jackie is Right that healing needs to happen Fore MOST
: we all agree. what is she upset about????
HT Prac: bull crap you two. I will not come in with any dual intents. We either heal and plan a healing intent for the week end and quite frankly I think it will be the first of several before we are ready to do any other work together. The entity stuff is not slated to hit until late winter or early spring. I will not fast track the work we have ignored for over a year in the interest of fear
HT Prac: or astral babble
fnkychakra: it seems to me that if there is time to heal and discuss that would be greaat and perfered but we should simply ALLOW enough time for healing since that is best started and hopefully finished or almost finished when we are all together
Light the Knight
: Jackie...please stop attacking
: there are no other intents
astralwarriork: just discusion
Yew Knight: Okay... Fri and Sat. for healing... and Sun for discussion?
Yew Knight: What is hurried about that.
Yew Knight: 48 HOURS of healing.
Yew Knight: And then talking about anything that may arise.
astralwarriork: i agree
Light the Knight: I think Jackie is right that we should focus on healing FIRST
Light the Knight
: Let's not PUT a TIME limit on it
: why don't we take this one day at a time. we go down there, heal, come together as friends, and talk about everything we feel needs to be discussed. we don't have to make any definite plans or battle strategies. But there are a lot of things we all need to sit and talk about. that's all
Yew Knight: Topics of conversation could include: linking, philosophy, where we stand now, what we've experienced so far with this issue, what we think is going to happen, pizza hut, spirit guides...
HT Prac: Can we do subs instead of pizza?
astralwarriork: ther i s no time limit
AlaisBlue: Nobody is putting a time limit on healing.
Light the Knight: exactly
: no one is putting a time limit on anything. but we can feel it out when we get down there
Yew Knight: Jax - I didn't mean that as a menu.
Light the Knight: Chris did when he said 48 hours
Light the Knight
: and that part I think is wrong
HT Prac
: I thought I might light up a little.
AlaisBlue: That doesn't mean we can't heal again or do maintenance?
AlaisBlue: I feel open discussion before we leave is important.
Light the Knight: I think what Jax is trying to say is let's focus on the healing and see how we 'feel'
Light the Knight
: OPEN discussion I think is great
: And I think we should leave it open to a time frame at the end.
AlaisBlue: Instead of saying "heal and that's all".
Light the Knight: Sabrina you origanally said Entity Discussion
Light the Knight
: that's what I think set Jax off
: mandatory might have done it
Light the Knight: So let's leave it as Open Discussion on Sun
: afk
AlaisBlue: Yes
Yew Knight: agreed.
AlaisBlue: I think the entity should be discussed regardless.
HT Prac: We don't even share a common language anymore. discussion could even light up the astral and cause us in issues. Everything we do that weekend is pivital to our future
HT Prac: if our disscussions are around finding
Yew Knight: Wouldn't healing light us up too?
fnkychakra: not in the same way
: im back
HT Prac: common ground that is different then discussions areoung the entily
Light the Knight: Ok we ALL agree that we should HEAL....
Light the Knight
: and we all Agree that we should Discuss
Light the Knight
: Let's do those things
Light the Knight
: and not pick TOPICS now
Light the Knight
: k?
Yew Knight
: Sounds good.
juspat7653: what does afk mean?
Light the Knight: away from keyboard
Yew Knight
: "Away From Keyboard"
juspat7653: thanks
astralwarriork: away from keyboard
Light the Knight: HA chris FAster woo hoo
Light the Knight
: j/k
Yew Knight
: lol
Yew Knight: Mcgee's on his way.
fnkychakra: so what do you think jax
Light the Knight
: Sabrina?
: healing is good and so is tlking
AlaisBlue: Fine.
AlaisBlue: No topics.
Light the Knight: LMAO
Light the Knight
: I just love it when things are fine
: No really -
AlaisBlue: Becasue the truth is we are going to have to pull teeth to get that far.
Light the Knight: I am sorry that I found that so amusing
HT Prac
: I would be comfortable as long as we set another meeting to accept a common ajenda before our weekend. I want us to be on the same page to start
AlaisBlue: Everybody's still pissed off. And at the same time really wanting to move forward.
astralwarriork: we are
Light the Knight: agreed
: We should do a networking linking ritual -
AlaisBlue: Maybe -
AlaisBlue: Maybe not
Light the Knight: and I think table time
: Because once again: the truth is we may not get that far.
AlaisBlue: We may be there one night and if people aren't willing to see at lesat mildly eye to eye - we are going to stay right where we are.
Light the Knight: I think EVERYONE should lay on the table once that weekend
: what do we hope to accomplish at this meeting?
AlaisBlue: I disagree
astralwarriork: for what
Yew Knight: Jase - I disagree... we can heal in our own space.
AlaisBlue: Mcgee wants to know why everyone should be on the table
Yew Knight: If we so choose.
fnkychakra: i think we need to set an agenda lonnng before we get there
HT Prac
: So can we email each other our outline of the ideal weekend to heal and discuss over the weekend and then meet again online next week to compile a common goal and plan?
Light the Knight: We have had time to heal in "our own space" we are coming togeather to heal togeather
Light the Knight
: I didn't say who should do the healings
: "Healing together in different ways"
AlaisBlue: =- Mcgee
Light the Knight: I just said everyone should be on a table at some point
: but it doesnt have to be on a table
AlaisBlue: Some may choose a table - some may not.
fnkychakra: some of what we need to do is disconnect links and that is best done on the table ...
: In your opinion Barb
CelestineGoddess: I think this whole healing thing is getting way too complicated. Being together and clearing up old scars and wounds and issues is the only way we will be able to work together. That is the best healing we can hope for in my opinion.
Yew Knight: Barb - what are we disconnecting?
AlaisBlue: We are all different peopel with different system
AlaisBlue: always have been - CELEBRATE DIVERSITY :-)
AlaisBlue: Its what makes us special ;-)
Light the Knight: table may have been the wrong word
Light the Knight
: I think everyone should spend at least one hour being healed by someone else
Light the Knight
: Active healing
: why
Light the Knight: between two people
: some of the trouble we are having "esoterically" is that caught in that est web are the connects we have to people no longer with us
: I choose to heal myself in my own way.
Light the Knight: and you choose to do Energy work with yourself in Your own way
Light the Knight
: but this is discussing do these things in a Group way
: perhaps we should let people choose
Light the Knight: we need to respect the individual yet also work with one another
: I don't think we need to drag this out. I think doing a group energy excercise would help.
HT Prac: The "table" is the best way we know to get people to self heal around issues that they do not regularly heal themselves with
Yew Knight: Jason - we can do things in a group setting without being healed by others if we so choose... healing is entering a state of wellness... however we accomplish that is open...
HT Prac: It is also a way for your energy to be shared with others in a way that is not always logical
juspat7653: Guys, gotta go. I'm at that place in the day when I need to be vertical. Back hurts, etc. It seems if we don't trust each other enough to do healing work together, then we probably won't heal together.
HT Prac: if we are to find common ground we need to aknowledge and encourage that the connects we feel are not logical
Light the Knight: Unfortunatly I agree with pat
HT Prac
: many of us would not have chosen each other in this life as friends but we are enexplicably linked. this understanding comes with sharing common energies.
Yew Knight: Listen - maybe we are disagreeing on the atmosphere that we are trying to create - EC seems to want to see two great and diverse esoteric groups working towards the same goal... sharing ideas but keeping those groups soverign yet pursuing the same end...
Yew Knight: Does this agree with you in Milw?
Yew Knight: Correct me if I'm wrong EC?
astralwarriork: why is the table "best "for everyone
CelestineGoddess: we won't be able to trust each other until we come together and TALK!!! I'm not about to go down there and jump right on the table. I want to get to know you guys again and spend some time clearing the air.
juspat7653 has left the room.
astralwarriork: same with me
fnkychakra: i don't have any problem with that chris but i feel there are other issues around the healing that need to be addressed
: like what
AlaisBlue: Barb: around the healing - define please - I am confused
Yew Knight: I don't think you all realize the different pathes we are walking now... and I want to see us both moving towards this goal using the practices of both groups.
HT Prac: Talking is part of it. Pat had to bow out. I will update her over the weekend
AlaisBlue: sorry :-) blonde moment
Light the Knight: Chris this whole "two groups" thing gets me too
Light the Knight
: I don't see it as two groups
: but i still dont get why the table is best
Light the Knight: or at least I didn't before
Yew Knight
: How do you see it?
astralwarriork: but thats what it is
Light the Knight: I was wrong in saying table
Light the Knight
: NO it's not
Light the Knight
: I have shared energy with chris and sabrina and brian
HT Prac
Light the Knight: I have taught and been taught by them
: we are to groups helping each other
Yew Knight: Jason - what do you see the atmosphere this week end as?
Light the Knight: we are 9 people coming togeather to do energy work
Light the Knight
: trying to find a middle ground in all our INDIVIDUAL work
Light the Knight
: not our TWO GROUPS work
HT Prac
: Each of us has issues. that is the problem. I think that we will need to talk yes but if that is all we do then we don't need a cabin in the woods to do it.
Light the Knight: cause I am doing completly different things then Barb OR Hiedi are
has left the room.
HT Prac: I am talking about healing our connects and our common ground. I don't really want to help you in your life issues personally anymore.
CelestineGoddess: I agree that we shouldn't segregate ourselves. That just promotes the mistrust.
Light the Knight: I don't see this as EC and Milw
HT Prac
: I have friends I do that for
HT Prac: however the best tool we have to share energy that we all agree on is the energenic healing system
fnkychakra: let's leave the personal healing aside for a moment and I will address the links we have links with people who are no longer physicallly activlly with us those links are still part of the est web those links need to be disconnected through healing and acceptance
Light the Knight
: I see this as Hiedi, Kris, Barb, Alex, Pat, Chris, Brian, Sabrina, Jackie, Jason coming togeather
HT Prac
: whether that is healing touch reki or prayer it is the best system we have on earth at this time
Light the Knight: I think we should take some time in a 'space of healing'
Light the Knight
: however that happens
Light the Knight
: with another person
Light the Knight
: maybe with more then one
HT Prac
: I would venture that fear is the motivator here. I certainly hope that if you plan to battele the chaos you need to start with yourself and the people you intent to battle with
Light the Knight: maybe we should all do it with one another
HT Prac
: if you don't then we are lost be fore we start
Light the Knight: in what ever way each of the two people feel comfortable
Light the Knight
: if that means sitting and talking for an hour
: i don't think we should put limitations on our healing
CelestineGoddess: i agree Jason, you're headed in the right direction
Yew Knight: Okay Jason - I see your point and agree... seperating the two geographic regions was wrong.
Light the Knight: I don't think so either...but I do think we should make TIME for it with each other
: i'm beginning to feel like i am talking in the night...
Light the Knight
: You aren't barb
Light the Knight
: We're still in the BIG picture
: k
Light the Knight
: we haven't gotten to particulars yet
Light the Knight
: I agree with Hiedi
has entered the room.
Light the Knight: I was wrong in saying table time
: i was anwering sabrinas question and waiting for comments from whoever
Light the Knight
: I should have said some time in "space of Healing"
Light the Knight
: I am sorry to have set everyone off
Light the Knight
: that was not my intention
: space of healing is good. what we do in that space of healing is up to us. and can only be determined when we get there.
Yew Knight: Okay.
Light the Knight: EXATCLY
Yew Knight
: whew
Light the Knight: thank you Heidi
: space healing would proly be better
CelestineGoddess: s'ok Jase:-P
fnkychakra: we're ok with it too
HT Prac
: We still need a structure or everyone will not get what they need
Yew Knight: Jackie - structure to healing?
Light the Knight: I think we should each partner up
: stop. hold. calm down.
Light the Knight: and the two partners should then decided what is Best for them
: we can't put limitations on healing
astralwarriork: im not comfortable with that
HT Prac: yes chris structure
HT Prac: outline if you will
Light the Knight: Sabrina said we should enter this with a plan
: but why outline
Light the Knight: that's what Jackie is talkin about too
Light the Knight
: and I agree
: No I didn't Jason!
HT Prac: No, I will not be standing in a kitchen while everyone does what they think is right and I watch. no more\
AlaisBlue: I said we should have a idea of what we are doing
Yew Knight: Hold on... HEALING = the individual's choice!
Yew Knight: NO structure, NO limits.
AlaisBlue: :-)
HT Prac: so have a good weekend. and I will talk with you all when you get back. NO structure and NO limits leaves a mess.
CelestineGoddess: there should be opportunities for all sorts of healing
Yew Knight: If someone wants a table healing, great; someone wants to be alone, great...
astralwarriork: i agree about no structure
Light the Knight: Jackie hold on
HT Prac
: opportunity is different
astralwarriork: says who
AlaisBlue: WHOA
CelestineGoddess: if someone wants to be on a table, Jackie, you'll get your chance to utilize your amazing skills
AlaisBlue: Structure as to meal times; No.
Yew Knight: If people want to do a group meditation, kujdos for them...
CelestineGoddess: If we feel like meditating in a corner and then discussing what we felt and thought that's great too
Yew Knight: ... if someone wants to walk alone - they can go alone.
AlaisBlue: But we should plan a group healing of some sort which could be a linking ritual
AlaisBlue: Or a networking ritual. In which to mend what Barb mentioned earlier about residual ties
HT Prac: I cannot continue this tonight. I will write what I think about how this should be set up and email it to sabrina. If that becomes part of the plan then I will re-enter this discussion. but I will not show up with
astralwarriork: we are coming together to heal group as well as indavidual
CelestineGoddess: I agree with that as well. We should have some down time and ultimately come together as a collective.
HT Prac: my pillow and blanket to watch you all "heal" in your own way without some kind of guidelines that will meet everyone's needs and honor each
HT Prac: person.
astralwarriork: it would be good to have you but if thats the way you feel
AlaisBlue: Jackie - Self Healing or Group Healing
AlaisBlue: I think people are confused
fnkychakra: it seems to us we are back into old energies which is not going to help us one bit
HT Prac
: NO shit
Yew Knight: I agree barb.
HT Prac: good night all . Let me know how this all turns out
fnkychakra: and this is exactly what the neg forces are enjoying think about it
Light the Knight
: Wait
CelestineGoddess: Jackie, I don't think you should run fron thiws
HT Prac has left the room.
CelestineGoddess: this rather
CelestineGoddess: ok fine
astralwarriork: Mcgee here.
Yew Knight: Welcome.
Yew Knight: Well, now where do we go?
Light the Knight: Sabrina I said let's enter this weekend just doing what NEEDs to be done
Light the Knight: and you said that gets us in trouble
Light the Knight: well you were right
CelestineGoddess: yup
Light the Knight: Jackie may have gone to far in one direction
Light the Knight: but just saying let's get togeather and HEAL isn't right either
Light the Knight: it's the other extreme
Light the Knight: This whole thing is going to be about building ground between
CelestineGoddess has left the room.
Yew Knight: I'm still here.
Yew Knight: Everyone is leaving.
AlaisBlue: Heidi got disconnected again
AlaisBlue: oops
AlaisBlue: she will brb
Light the Knight: we need to focus on that
AlaisBlue: Sorry Jason
CelestineGoddess has entered the room.
AlaisBlue: The laptops are being funky
CelestineGoddess: i maintain that healing space is needed and that we should have time to heal however we need to, but the next day we should do a group healing
astralwarriork: We have two issues of healing here. Esoteric group links and personal issues. I agree that something sould be done in a form of unity for healing group links. If a outline is needed for that, then lets use one. As for personal healing, the method I will heal with jason will not be the same as with barb, nor the same as for Jackie.
fnkychakra: i agree like i said before healing and disc is best my only concern is that we have enough time to do what is necessary since getting us all together is so difficult
: I agree with Barb on that statement
Yew Knight: I agree as well
astralwarriork: I will personally honor and confront each person with our personal issues as is comfortable for each member.
Light the Knight: What about everyone doing one on one and with each other and haveing those two people decide
AlaisBlue: I think Jackie was tired and probably feeling backed into a corner.
AlaisBlue: Mcgee is Astral Warrior BTW
astralwarriork: I intended to do so from the begining.
AlaisBlue: Nobody should be forced to do anything -
Yew Knight: I agree with Sabrina.
Light the Knight: I am suggesting setting out time
Light the Knight: not WHAT we do in that time
CelestineGoddess: i agree w/that Jase
Light the Knight: that way we Make sure everyone has time togeather
Yew Knight: I disagree with that... I don't think it's right to set rules of any sort on people.
Light the Knight: it's not rules
Light the Knight: it's planning a limited amount of time
Yew Knight: For what though?
AlaisBlue: Jason you said earlier not to set a time limit
Light the Knight: making priorities like barb said
CelestineGoddess: we could just start from scratch. do a simple round-robin connection like we always start our beginners class with and feel out each others energies. get to know eachother.
Light the Knight: I am saying setting a minimum amount of time for everyone to work with one another
Light the Knight: That's exactly what I am saying
AlaisBlue: So we are back to what I said in the beginning -
Yew Knight: That's a rule though.
CelestineGoddess: that could be the start for our group healing ritual
AlaisBlue: Friday and Saturday Healing - Sunday discussion
AlaisBlue: Right?
CelestineGoddess: ok
Yew Knight: ok
Light the Knight: I agree if we spend a min. amount of time with one another on a single one on one basis
Light the Knight: I think that is very important
fnkychakra: only if we have completed whatever individual and then "link" healing we need to do SINCE WE ARE ALL TOGETHER and then hopefully hopefullly we can disc the other stuff
: as long as we keep it light
astralwarriork: Alright, set time if need be, but if we don't come to an agreeable attutitude, we should spend more time.
fnkychakra: i don't want to miss this \OPPORTUNITY
: nor do I want to miss it barb.
CelestineGoddess: opp for what?
fnkychakra: i didn't think you were just clarifying
: If we are doing this as a "group" - if the goal here is to work together as a "whole" something is wrong.
fnkychakra: what do you mean sabrina
: Nobody in Eau Claire wants to be in this to be one group.
Yew Knight: agreed.
fnkychakra: when did we say that
: These are 2 groups with different ideal systems working together.
AlaisBlue: YOU didn't WE ARE
Light the Knight: k
Light the Knight: then I am out
AlaisBlue: Alright then the discussion is over.
Light the Knight: that's not the way I saw this
AlaisBlue: We want to work WITH people and communicate ideas -
fnkychakra: HOLD ON
Light the Knight
: I saw this as individuals coming togeather
AlaisBlue: Not be another governed system all over again 09
Light the Knight: not as EC and Milw
AlaisBlue: Everyone here is excited to work as EC & Milw
Light the Knight: Nor as starting another Group
astralwarriork: we cannot even consider one group unless we first can heal.
AlaisBlue: Milw does not know what's best for EC and EC does not know what's best for Milw
Light the Knight: EC and Milw are individuals
AlaisBlue: We put our differences in the past aside - clear issues and learn to work together as individuals and as two groups of people
Light the Knight: that's what should be under discussion
fnkychakra: we are always going to be two grougs but our soulconnects unite us
: Eventually we may end up as one group with different regions or something - but thats years off
Light the Knight: we are NOT two groups
Yew Knight: Barb - soul connects we shouldn't have made.
AlaisBlue: But we did Chris - Barb is right on that -
fnkychakra: but we have
Yew Knight
: And I personally am trying to take what I can of those back.
CelestineGoddess: i think i was misunderstood. I don't want to be 2 opposing forces, but I also don't think we should look at this as a group at all. I am an individual as are we all. True I am
Yew Knight: So enriching that mistake won't aid healing or disconnection.
AlaisBlue: BUT - that doesn't mean we have to go right into the same way as before.
Light the Knight: Xactly Hiedi
AlaisBlue: We should come together
AlaisBlue: No - not opposing forces - but YES separate.
Light the Knight: We have come at this as Regions and Groups before
fnkychakra: of course
Light the Knight
: that's where we went wrong
AlaisBlue: RIght - but with respect for those differences - CELEBRATE DIVERSITY - I wasn't just joking.
Light the Knight: seperate = individuals
Light the Knight: I agree
Light the Knight: but NOT the divisity of EC and Milw.
Yew Knight: But paradigms of esoteric work are geographic between EC and Milw...
Light the Knight: the Diviserty of EVERY Single person
CelestineGoddess: right, just a bunch a kids doing energy, how it was always meant to be, with no great all powerful leader and no one telling anyone else what is best for them. coming together to agree, heal, discuss
Light the Knight: I lived in EC
Yew Knight: ... I'm not saying we're all molds... but in EC we speak on language, and Milw a different one.
Light the Knight: so If I were living in EC I would be part of EC?
AlaisBlue: Yes as the diversity of 2 cities
AlaisBlue: Not if you chose not to be I suppose.
Light the Knight: Hiedi has it right
Light the Knight: I know how both cities work
CelestineGoddess: that is where we are going wrong. I am a part of Psinergy but I don't think this should have anything to do with Psinergy as Psinergy should pertain to our area only and what affect us only. This is statewide and as such I believe we should come together as representitives of our own individual gifts and personalities, not as opposing forces
Light the Knight: I have work energy in EC longer then Most people here
Light the Knight: I have been apart of the origanal work done there
Yew Knight: What original work?
Light the Knight: I know not as much as I know Milw.
Yew Knight: Original work YOU did... original work you and Brina did... but there are other eso workers in this city... believe it or not.
fnkychakra: maybe where we are getting caught in languaging... based on where we live we have different comfort levels and closeness (for the most part) with those who live in each city we also at tmes not always run the energy different that is what i meant in terms of 2 groups it starts and ends there and of course we are all individuals
Light the Knight
: the point it is it's not where we come from
Yew Knight: I worked parks since I was 6.
Light the Knight: but who we are coming togeather
Yew Knight: In EC.
Light the Knight: This is statewide and as such I believe we should come together as representitives of our own individual gifts and personalities, not as opposing forces
AlaisBlue: There - clearly stated.
AlaisBlue: I agree Jason.
AlaisBlue: EC & Milw should be working together - not opposing.
Light the Knight: that's what Heidi just said
Yew Knight: I agre as well.
Light the Knight: I just cut and paste
AlaisBlue: Who see's Milw as an opposing force?
Light the Knight: EC And MILW
Light the Knight: don't Exsist
AlaisBlue: EC exists
Light the Knight: Chris just made that a BIG point
Light the Knight: As cities
Yew Knight: ???
Light the Knight: not as A group of People
Yew Knight: When did I say that?
Light the Knight: There are MANY Energy workers in EC and Milw
Light the Knight: not just the Five that Currently LIVE in EC OR MILW
AlaisBlue: Kris is coming back now as AStral warrior -
AlaisBlue: and Mcgee is on as Sabrinadavishsa
astralwarriork: Our soul connects give us the potential to work better together. We as seperate souls have different paths. Our connection allows us to help each other on our paths. The times we can and would come together are when we need to work cohesively towards something bigger than us. We can't do that now though because we need to heal, when we heal, we can consider w
sabrinadavishsa has entered the room.
CelestineGoddess: I think we each have something to bring to this individually. It's not EC against Milw. It's supposed to be our strong connection linked to your strong connection.
Light the Knight: person to person
astralwarriork: Working together, not before.
AlaisBlue: AND city to city
Light the Knight: NO
AlaisBlue: YEs -
Light the Knight: I am NOT MILW
AlaisBlue: We have to be city sensative
Light the Knight: I am not RACINE
Light the Knight: no we don't
Yew Knight: I consider myself a representative of EC in all of my esoteric practices.
Light the Knight: Great
Light the Knight: so bring it back to EC
Yew Knight: Bring what back?
astralwarriork: I , Mcgee am going to enter my laptop and give chris back his astralwarriork.
Light the Knight: what ever you get from this weekend
Light the Knight: but come as Chris
Light the Knight: not Chris Representitive of EC
Light the Knight: I can be a Rep of EC
CelestineGoddess: right
Light the Knight: or Milw
Light the Knight: OR RACINE
Light the Knight: OR THE UNIVERSE
Light the Knight: OR EARTH
astralwarriork: im back,kris
Light the Knight: that's what I am saying
sabrinadavishsa: I am NOT an official EC energy worker.
AlaisBlue: Jason - We are doing for our city and the state, the entity mess and to heal and net link
fnkychakra: hold on guys we have an understanding of the energy of the city we work in but let's be careful about the LANGUAGING again
Light the Knight
: I agree Sabrina
AlaisBlue: Ok.
AlaisBlue: ???
AlaisBlue: Confused.
Light the Knight: but let's come togeather to bring OUR ideas togeather
sabrinadavishsa: I am not part of any "group" up here. I am a friend of energy workers up here, and I as an individual wish to heal with some old friends.
astralwarriork: we are not one group
Light the Knight: NOT EC's ideas and Milw Ideas
Light the Knight: I agree with mcgee
astralwarriork: we are two helping each other
Light the Knight: I am NOT milw
Light the Knight: I am who I am
Light the Knight: that's what I want to bring to this weekend
fnkychakra: alex - i agree with mcgee
: i do too
Light the Knight
: if bring that back to milw so be it
Light the Knight: Or EC
Light the Knight: it doesn't mattter
CelestineGoddess: ok. let's agree to disagree. Jason, I feel that when I come to meet you in the healing space, I will meet you as Heidi, just plain Heidi, but what we discuss as far as kicking entity ass or any action we choose to take, we can then consider what will be best for EC versus Milwaukee. I will defend and represent my city and my fellow workers.
Light the Knight has left the room.
AlaisBlue: Right. Ok - Jason, Heidi, McGee you guys are on the same page
AlaisBlue: I am not.
AlaisBlue: I am not joining back up into a big group. And I know Chris & Kris feel that way also.
AlaisBlue: We see this as 2 awesome groups of people working together - not healing one large group - at least not yet
AlaisBlue: ANd full circle that comes back to what Jackie and McGEe said all along - healing first
AlaisBlue: We will have to fight this all out once we get there.
astralwarriork: amen to that
AlaisBlue: We can plan nothing.
astralwarriork: so to speak
AlaisBlue: Jason was right - the pieces have to fall.
AlaisBlue: and if we walk away - we walk away - but at least we tried.
Yew Knight: Agreed.
AlaisBlue: Barb?
Light the Knight has entered the room.
AlaisBlue: There you are :-)
Yew Knight: Welcome back.
Yew Knight: Okay... deep breathes.
AlaisBlue: Jason I pasted you an update
AlaisBlue: We hash this out when we get there
AlaisBlue: Because what it boils down to is that people are already shields up and that's the clearing we have to do.
AlaisBlue: Please don't spring any surprises -
AlaisBlue: That goes for everyone.
astralwarriork: here here
Light the Knight: Let's come togeather
Light the Knight: and be with one another
astralwarriork: but not as one group
AlaisBlue: Angela Joadwine btw - showed back up in the picture 0 although i haven't told her much - angela was a part of est but couldn't make the weekend
AlaisBlue: Let's not say ANYTHING about what will happen.
AlaisBlue: Lets just go there KNOWING that we will "fight" it out when we get there
Light the Knight: no 'fight'
Light the Knight: lol
Light the Knight: 'discuss'
Light the Knight: hehe
Yew Knight: Let's not use that word yet.
Yew Knight: lol
AlaisBlue: Anyways - Angela probably could not do the weekend - but if she could I think she should
AlaisBlue: She was a part of it then and wants to be now.
AlaisBlue: She is ready inside herself
sabrinadavishsa: I really wish I wasn't late for this whole discussion. I am sorry to have missed alot of it guys.
AlaisBlue: Besides. McGee is "just visiting" :::wink:::
Light the Knight: So then the question is who are we going to open this up to?
AlaisBlue: NO Jason -
AlaisBlue: If Arie wanders over and says "I am ready" technicially you cannot refuse her
AlaisBlue: Same with Tiffany and Brian
Light the Knight: So anyone that was in EST?
AlaisBlue: Angela had a ritual kit - took a first ritual thingy - she was a part of it
AlaisBlue: Ladi showed up
Light the Knight: is that how we are doing it
AlaisBlue: What other choice do we have?
Light the Knight: Pastor Greg then?
Yew Knight: Jason - also Angela was one of the first EC students... if not THE first.
AlaisBlue: Pastor greg had a ritual kit?
Light the Knight: So just people that had ritual kits
fnkychakra: guys i need to go to bed someone please email me the end of this and i will offer whatever insights :-) later. take care all
Light the Knight
: then Pat doesn't count down here
AlaisBlue: yes she does -
AlaisBlue: bc she was there for the first ritual
Light the Knight: I think it should be ANY ONE that was a par to f
fnkychakra has left the room.
AlaisBlue: par to f?
Yew Knight: Angela played a vital role in the EC portion of EST, and she has felt the need to come through and clear the air... that merits her the chance to come...
CelestineGoddess has left the room.
Yew Knight: ... she has done that without prompting.
Light the Knight: That's cause she knew about it
AlaisBlue: No
Light the Knight: Wait
AlaisBlue: She emailed me yesterday and asked about weird things when she came in to pick up her cable modem today
AlaisBlue: I didn't tell her much
Light the Knight: First You say no rules then you start making them
AlaisBlue: But she was a major contributor to est
AlaisBlue: nobody made any rules to my knowledge?
Light the Knight: I asked who to open this too
AlaisBlue: The only thing we agreed on was no newbies and keeping it to those involved
Light the Knight: and you said anyone that got a kit
AlaisBlue: Angela was involved
AlaisBlue: as was tiffany, arie and woolley
Light the Knight: So was Pastor Greg
Light the Knight: and Beth
AlaisBlue: Was he?
AlaisBlue: And Norbert
AlaisBlue: Well there you go
Light the Knight: And Brian and Keith here in racine
AlaisBlue: And if they show up and ask to be a part of it then they do
AlaisBlue: and they should come
AlaisBlue: Fate will bring them right?
Light the Knight: Sabrina I can't take this
Light the Knight: I don't think I am ready
AlaisBlue: Then don't.
Light the Knight: I don't know if any of are
AlaisBlue: it's ok
AlaisBlue: We are ready to work as 2 groups and individuals
AlaisBlue: And to clear the air
Light the Knight: see there you go again with the 2 groups
AlaisBlue: We talked this all out last night
Yew Knight: That's right 2 groups.
Light the Knight: You are making it that way
AlaisBlue: and individuals
Light the Knight: it's not two groups
astralwarriork: it is two groups
Light the Knight: And it hurts me when you say that
Light the Knight: Cause if I lived in EC still I would tech. be a part of that group
AlaisBlue: Jason that's not a personal attack. I love you ! this isn't one big soul group
astralwarriork: why
Light the Knight: If I wanted
Light the Knight: I am not a GROUP
Light the Knight: I am Jason
AlaisBlue: This is a group of individual workers as well as 2 separate groups simply by location :::wink:::
Light the Knight: who wishes to work with the others I have worked with
AlaisBlue: right
Light the Knight: not 2 seperate groupd
Light the Knight: groups
Light the Knight: that is wrong
AlaisBlue: We have to work together as people and 2 groups - we play different roles
sabrinadavishsa: Jason we are different.
Light the Knight: and that's where we start haveing prob
Yew Knight: Jason - I trust deeply and respect you deeply... as a friend and as an eso worker...
AlaisBlue: sometimes together somtimes apart - sometimes in trinities - sometimes in paris
AlaisBlue: pairs - not paris
AlaisBlue: :-)
Yew Knight: LOL
astralwarriork: you ar ehte only one making a prob
AlaisBlue: Although Paris this time of year . . .
sabrinadavishsa: We are not all meant to be one unified group in this life.
AlaisBlue: haha
sabrinadavishsa: sorry.
Light the Knight: So STOP saying 2 Groups and I will be fine
Light the Knight: I am not saying we should
sabrinadavishsa: okay
Light the Knight: but we also aren't meant to be 2 groups meeting
AlaisBlue: Jason why are you the only person left online?
AlaisBlue: Jackie left bc she was tired.
AlaisBlue: Pat's sick
sabrinadavishsa: I agree jason.
AlaisBlue: what happened to Barb?
sabrinadavishsa: we are all individuals
Light the Knight: Barb left caus they were tired
Light the Knight: wore them out
AlaisBlue: Mean me :-)
AlaisBlue: Ok lets wrap this up then.
Light the Knight: it took 3 hours to get very little done
AlaisBlue: We meet that weekend and let the chips fall.
sabrinadavishsa: *PUTS HORNS ON SAB"S HEAD* :-)
Light the Knight: Ah god
sabrinadavishsa: lol.
Light the Knight: I take it back
AlaisBlue: sabrinadavishsa= mcgee
sabrinadavishsa: its a joke sabrina.
sabrinadavishsa: sorry.
AlaisBlue: bad mcgee
Light the Knight: the last thing we need is a Sabrina Mryter
AlaisBlue: :-)
AlaisBlue: Martyr?
AlaisBlue: I am confused
AlaisBlue: again
Light the Knight: whatever
Light the Knight: don't pick on my spelling
AlaisBlue: Jason Warren V - we should chat
AlaisBlue: alone.
AlaisBlue: You and I
Light the Knight: LOL...wasn't that a rule?
AlaisBlue: we need to snuggle
AlaisBlue: haha
Light the Knight: I want to cry
Light the Knight: that's all I want to do
AlaisBlue: Jason - this isn't our fault this time
AlaisBlue: I think we agree :-)
astralwarriork: are we not good enough j/k
Yew Knight: "There's no crying in baseball!"
AlaisBlue: haha Kris
Light the Knight: I know that
AlaisBlue: Good.
Light the Knight: but it doesn't hurt any less for the EMPATH
sabrinadavishsa: Well jas, If it makes you any better I want to kick the wall.
Light the Knight: LMAO
AlaisBlue: I know baby empath, (seriously)
AlaisBlue: alright.
astralwarriork: but the wall cant kick back\
AlaisBlue: Conversation closing.
Light the Knight: Jackie ended by cryin and apologizing
Light the Knight: no
Light the Knight: no conv. ending
AlaisBlue: yes -
AlaisBlue: We need bed?
Light the Knight: if you want to leave the room then leave
Light the Knight: hehe
Light the Knight: I am going to stay
Yew Knight: Okay - let's have an empathic analysis for a moment... I believe that I see this as two groups because the "EST" experience was very different for Sabrina and myself then most anyone else in the group.
Light the Knight: maybe i'll just talk to the empty im air
sabrinadavishsa: Jas
sabrinadavishsa: Im me.
AlaisBlue: Hold On
sabrinadavishsa: Sabrina's a lite weight.
AlaisBlue: haha
Light the Knight: LOL
AlaisBlue: Alright I 'll stay
astralwarriork: sleeepy\
AlaisBlue: Youhit my ego
Yew Knight: Okay... I'm too late for my revelations.
Yew Knight: I'll wait for next time.
Light the Knight: No chris you are right
Light the Knight: we all have them
Light the Knight: we are all recovering from EST
AlaisBlue: Yes we are recovering.
Light the Knight: We can say one thing if nothing else for EST
Light the Knight: we won't forget
Light the Knight: lol
Yew Knight: LOL
Yew Knight: No matter how hard we try.
AlaisBlue: haha
astralwarriork: so what exactly have we agreed on?
Light the Knight: xactly
AlaisBlue: Why don't we talk on the phone
AlaisBlue: I will call you
astralwarriork: anything?
AlaisBlue: From my office
Yew Knight: Because I want to be part of hte conversation!
AlaisBlue: Chris -
astralwarriork: me too
AlaisBlue: McGee and Kris and Heidi and Jason
astralwarriork: this is Heidi btw
AlaisBlue: I have to go back to the office anyways
AlaisBlue: Jason?
Light the Knight: k
AlaisBlue: Ok jason we will call you in a moment
AlaisBlue: actually 20 min to get there see you soon
Light the Knight: k
Yew Knight: Talk to you soon Jason.