BJ2021: you mind if I ask a personal question.....
SabrinaDavisHSA: oh my
SabrinaDavisHSA: sure :-)
BJ2021: sorry but I remember seeinga ring on your finger, what was it
SabrinaDavisHSA: Go there and click on members
SabrinaDavisHSA: It's still a poor explanation but check the disclaimer at the bottom
SabrinaDavisHSA: Who are you btw?
BJ2021: My name is Billy
BJ2021: we met briefly while you were here
SabrinaDavisHSA: I don't recall meeting you I don't think - where did we meet?
BJ2021: 2nd floor - tier II CCR.
BJ2021: Cathy was my lead
SabrinaDavisHSA: hmm
SabrinaDavisHSA: ok
SabrinaDavisHSA: Can you see the site btw? Someone was tellin gme they were having problems with it
BJ2021: not opening
BJ2021: yeah here too
BJ2021: unable to ping
SabrinaDavisHSA: the link dies?
BJ2021: yeah
SabrinaDavisHSA: hmm ok hold on a sec
BJ2021: same thing
BJ2021: ok
SabrinaDavisHSA: ok - go ahead with that ambush the NOC and Troy are working on things here so it could be 20 more min
SabrinaDavisHSA: I thought they had it wrapped up
SabrinaDavisHSA: when they fix the switch issues you can get to my website.
BJ2021: ok will do
SabrinaDavisHSA: k :-)
SabrinaDavisHSA: Here is a clip:
BJ2021: where
BJ2021: lol
SabrinaDavisHSA: I am going to paste it in
BJ2021: ok
SabrinaDavisHSA: The Telepath. Mistress Sabrina

SabrinaDavisHSA: I am a telepath since age 7 and a medium from age 13. Unfortunately being a medium can definitely make you feel crazy. And those comments about voices DEFINITELY ring true. However, after researching psychology and realizing I didn't have an illness,
SabrinaDavisHSA: Anyways I am a networking telepath.
SabrinaDavisHSA: Kind of like coming out of the "psychic" closet. It's ok to be aware of other senses than just smacking your hands together
SabrinaDavisHSA: It's not weird.
SabrinaDavisHSA: Precognition sucks up 60% of America i.e. they do it often
BJ2021: cool
BJ2021: telepath
BJ2021: Sounds interesting
BJ2021: ...what do you know about astral projection
SabrinaDavisHSA: oh my do I !!
BJ2021: My friend has recently been experiencing problems as such and I am not experienced enough to help him
BJ2021: I was looking for answers for him and I remembered your jewelry and couldn't help thinking about asking you
BJ2021: weighed the issue for about a week
SabrinaDavisHSA: Anyways I am a networking telepath. I hear people all over the state of WI and when I travel beyond WI I hear the other states shielding systems and astral chatter. I astral project, lead ritual (don't like it), do crystal healing, and help link areas and people to one another. I love to teach but unfortunately have been burned by many students in the past. I am a taurus and fairly stubborn.
SabrinaDavisHSA: :-)
BJ2021: what can you tell me, how dangerous is it for a newbie and how can I find him once he's in or out or whatever
SabrinaDavisHSA: How can you find him on the astral?
SabrinaDavisHSA: First of all back up the train - what is happening to him and how old is he
BJ2021: yeah
BJ2021: he is 20
BJ2021: he seems to zone out totally
BJ2021: he says he's drifting into people heads
SabrinaDavisHSA: Did he do drugs at all ?
SabrinaDavisHSA: How so?
BJ2021: never
SabrinaDavisHSA: What is he "seeing" or "hearing" or "feeling"
BJ2021: he is clean
SabrinaDavisHSA: figured
BJ2021: all
SabrinaDavisHSA: I figured he was clean -
SabrinaDavisHSA: Ok, does he "feel" their emotions or their thoughts
BJ2021: he sees what they are thinking
SabrinaDavisHSA: Ok. Does he turn lights off yet
BJ2021: he feels anger, depression, hostility
SabrinaDavisHSA: Or effect his pc?
SabrinaDavisHSA: Or, have his hairs stand on end often in certain eletrical areas?
SabrinaDavisHSA: Sounds weird I know - but its very critical to knowing how projective he is
BJ2021: his hair stands on end anyway
SabrinaDavisHSA: haha
BJ2021: not yet but he sat with me one night and told me everythought that was in my head without me saying a word
BJ2021: he's not transfering current yet
BJ2021: I have been in paranormal for about 3 years and still learning myself but he started off about where I did
BJ2021: seeing thing out of the ordinary and hearing people say stuff with out talking, hearing their thoughts. Being able to see your situations in third person
SabrinaDavisHSA: Ok. Well since he is reaching out with his telepathy first my first recommendation would be to get calm and centered - do a shielding exercise - and then balance his chakras. Nothing special - don't get religious - find the energetic points on the body and bring them into focus with the self - it's not hard
SabrinaDavisHSA: Make sure you shield first. Then start with clearing personal space and adjusting slowly to intake
SabrinaDavisHSA: If he has questions he can im me at AlaisBlue on aim, or 53498573
SabrinaDavisHSA: icq - or email - I have stuff up on, and basically i wish him all the luck
SabrinaDavisHSA: try not to get too caught up in the mainstreams stuff - Astral Projection is actually very easy - don't have to make it out to be harder.
BJ2021: I know it just scares him
BJ2021: trying to clear his head and help him get a good handle on the situation so he stops freaking. It helped him alot
SabrinaDavisHSA: Well he is lucky to have a friend like you
SabrinaDavisHSA: One is NOT head-blind
SabrinaDavisHSA: so to speak
BJ2021: I have noticed that he seems to have a watcher with him
SabrinaDavisHSA: I am sorry we did not get more of a chance to chat while I was out there
BJ2021: it's ok
BJ2021: I'll see you again
SabrinaDavisHSA: a watcher? i.e. spirit guide
SabrinaDavisHSA: or whatever the name is for the day
BJ2021: not guide, watcher
SabrinaDavisHSA: Terminology gap here. - Guide is my generic term for "all that stand next to his mortal self" :-)
BJ2021: a spirit that sits back and takes in information then tells its master(sender) what it sees and what they want to know.
BJ2021: Sort of like a spybot for computers
SabrinaDavisHSA: wait a minute - the spirit is listening to your frinen (whats his name btw)
SabrinaDavisHSA: The spirit is "infiltrating?"
BJ2021: Josh Clifton
SabrinaDavisHSA: As in Help Desk ?
SabrinaDavisHSA: !!!!!!!!!
BJ2021: It doesn't talk to him it irritates him, scares him, and plays cruel jokes on him
SabrinaDavisHSA: uh-oh
BJ2021: yeah
SabrinaDavisHSA: Ok.
BJ2021: what is uh - oh
BJ2021: I've seen it
SabrinaDavisHSA: First of all Josh was on my bad-list for a few days bc he made some real dumb mistakes consistenly in his first few days. I forgive easily and I understand people are new :-) He seems fine now.
SabrinaDavisHSA: Anyways - that is not why the "uh-oh"
SabrinaDavisHSA: Realize that there are other "things" up there that play the same "games" we as humans play in our socioligical make up
SabrinaDavisHSA: Realize also that the trick is NOT to get to deep into "their" politics
BJ2021: I have a meeting to go to, are you gonna be here in about 15 minutes
SabrinaDavisHSA: Or your own. Yep
SabrinaDavisHSA: what's your email address?
SabrinaDavisHSA: This would be easier to email
SabrinaDavisHSA: Troy is working the outage
SabrinaDavisHSA: I am doing remedy tickets
SabrinaDavisHSA: and helping him occasionally