Yew Knight: Hey - one more tip if you are looking for the 411 on that wiccan group... Dustin is getting involved with them too. Please leave me as an anonomys source of info.

Auto response from AlaisBlue: I'm busy, working or otherwise. Lv a msg.

Yew Knight: Drop me a line when you get back... I have an offer for ya'... if you're interested.
AlaisBlue: I'm back.
Yew Knight: Hey
AlaisBlue: I'm going to be straight with you. I don't trust them and have no desire to play games.
Yew Knight: I don't blame you....
AlaisBlue: You have your own talent chris, but the power draw you pulled from our connection has been over for months.
AlaisBlue: So what is it that you are seeking?
AlaisBlue: I know what their ploy is.
AlaisBlue: And it strikes me that this is between you and Erin somehow ... though I could be wrong.
Yew Knight: I have been thinking a lot about what little Dustin has told me and I think that a mutally benefitial agreement between the two of us that does not expose either of us as vulnerable to the other would be an easy arangment.
Yew Knight: Erin and I broke up.
Yew Knight: I'm not after anything from you Sabrina.... I'm just after keeping this group in check.
AlaisBlue: That group cannot do much. Dustin has internal codes, Kristin does not.
Yew Knight: I don't want to practice anything more than the small meditations and personal shielding I am currently running.
AlaisBlue: The EC shielding is under pure nature spirit control.
AlaisBlue: That group can go wild attempting many things ... unless Erin was accelerated by you
AlaisBlue: How much information did you store in her - etc.
Yew Knight: I can give you grounded information. I can keep you posted on anything that Dustin lets slip.
AlaisBlue: That's the only way things get out of control.
Yew Knight: None.... I grounded out durring my relationship with Erin.
Yew Knight: Erin doesn't know anything... I closed my books for years.
Yew Knight: What she knows she knows from them.
Yew Knight: And Dustin.
AlaisBlue: Naive assumption. If you really believed that, why are you concerned?
Yew Knight: Oh.... and Erin works with SchaOn sometimes too.
AlaisBlue: Schaon is in a similar space.
Yew Knight: I just don't want any enemies that I don't have a check mate in line for... and we both can see that this group is weak, but given the power would turn against you and me both.
AlaisBlue: So?
AlaisBlue: I have my own set of protections. It seems that you are the one who is in need of a wake up call.
AlaisBlue: Chris, you are not normal.
AlaisBlue: You are not entirely mortal.
AlaisBlue: Which, to your chagrin, will not go away with age, discipline or the lack of care or will
AlaisBlue: You are what you are.
AlaisBlue: I am sorry,
AlaisBlue: From an emotional standpoint I want to smote you. Reach down, tear out the linking structurs and crush your empathic core just to be vengeful.
Yew Knight: So I can feed you info I pick up from Dustin (both energetically, but moreso grounded).... and that's pretty much it. You just use the info in whatever way you see fit, because I think that you being informed is one way to keep them in check. I don't doubt your sources Sabrina... I just offer you mortal eyes into this groups working.
AlaisBlue: Beyond my 'layers' I see your intent is warning, not meddling, and you truly do feel concerned.
AlaisBlue: I understand.
AlaisBlue: Email it to me then please. IM is easily compromised.
AlaisBlue: Good day ~
Yew Knight: Your e-mail addy?