joshyeaton: hey, i haven't heard from you in a long time. would you mind letting me in on the psychic ship so i could figure out how you know?
AlaisBlue: Um - the psychic ship?
AlaisBlue: I'm sorry if I cam off at any point sounding condescending etc -
AlaisBlue: I apologize.
joshyeaton: it's alright. that was my bad- i usually try pretty hard not to sound defensive, but sometimes it just can't be helped
AlaisBlue: IT's ok
AlaisBlue: There is no special club hun - there's just a lot of learning and you need to talk with someone who is not high on herself
AlaisBlue: or himself
AlaisBlue: The reason I replied to that email was bc shieleding will not solve your probelm
AlaisBlue: You have talent - it needs to be acknolwedged and controlled
AlaisBlue: These people you are with are catalyzing bc of your talent - that's what happens - it's normal - part of the process
joshyeaton: i see. lol. i had completely forgotten i'd sent that e-mail....but what's in it can't be ignored, i've forgotten exactly what i wrote in it, but the gist of it was that i had a rough day and i read one of those free astrology reports that i love to read and the main focus of it was the finding of these new, deeper layers of myself in the year to come, so i felt the need to let out with my thoughts and the online community is the best place i know- i'm completely anonymous here except for what the thoughts from my brain look like in someone else's mind.
joshyeaton: but as far as things go, i'd say they're shaping up. i've got another one of those opportunities to improve and change that come along a few times a year right now, and, well, i'm stressing because i don't know if i can change.....and that's affecting everything else i've been thinking. and not for the better, either, but i'm going to a counselor as soon as i go back to school.
joshyeaton: so how's that for a mouthful, aye? hopefully you've been doing good yourself.
AlaisBlue: Sorry - phone rang
AlaisBlue: Dad :-)
joshyeaton: hehe :-)
joshyeaton: well, if it's for your dad you can always leave. i'd do the same thing for my dad, but i don't live away from home and it wouldn't be him calling.
AlaisBlue: Well it's good to hear that things are going 'alright'
AlaisBlue: Just keep focused, remember that you're not alone and YOU ARE NOT CRAZY
AlaisBlue: I am here when ever you need to talk ok?
joshyeaton: thanks. it's good to know.
AlaisBlue: Just be careful with the Psion guild = they mean well but their information tends to be very limited. Be careful of 'groups' that portray the endo f the world or total knowledge of the world
AlaisBlue: And - be careful of people who believe they are uber-beings with the ability to smote anyone or entirely protect themselves
joshyeaton: oh don't worry about that. i've already lived through one "end of the world"
AlaisBlue: The truth is we are never totally safe, enclosed, or we wouldn't be able to communicate. We are human beings, at an atomic level we are connected, therefore, cellular communication does not cease.
joshyeaton: well, what are your thoughts on those kinds of people?
AlaisBlue: Those kinds of peopl eare typically scared
AlaisBlue: their power inhibits them from growing OR they expand until they burn out and stop learning/growing OR they simply want to 'eat' people
AlaisBlue: 'eat' people means draining people's energy, manipulating peopel and teaching them poor methods on purpose etc
joshyeaton: it's been awhile since i read about psionics. i haven't given much thought to that or the dreams that come true since breaking up with my ex
AlaisBlue: Those types of people pretend they are harmed by nothing and they live by thier so-called shields
AlaisBlue: psionics is a good start, but it's limited. Psionics states that only the physical transaction exists - or physicological - but still limited.
joshyeaton: oh, you mean like that Winged Wolf guy?
AlaisBlue: Winged Wolf is actually a woman,
AlaisBlue: She's a busy lady
AlaisBlue: There's a lot of them. But psionics dismisses soul or spirit at any level
AlaisBlue: There's some truth to htat - bc mysticism clouds things for people
AlaisBlue: Talent is not mystical - it is bio-chemcial reaction in your brain
AlaisBlue: BUT
AlaisBlue: in order for that transaction to occur or anything else
AlaisBlue: There is something called 'suffusion of will'
AlaisBlue: do you know what suffuse means?
AlaisBlue: To fill, envelop, completely fill
AlaisBlue: Willpower/determination/manifest
AlaisBlue: In that nano=second or less of choice to bend your leg, move your hand, broadcast a thought at someone across the room, smell the flower, taste that chzburger - you WILL that into being
joshyeaton: so, in other words, i have to impose myself on someone else in some way for any "connection" to happen?
AlaisBlue: It's a teeny, tiny part of our thought process/emoptional process
AlaisBlue: No
AlaisBlue: You are willing yourself otwards an action
AlaisBlue: It's tiny - inside
AlaisBlue: Connection bw people happens in 3 formats
AlaisBlue: simplex, half-duplex, full-duplex
AlaisBlue: 1 way, 1 way at a time, 2 way
AlaisBlue: Obsession, Mutual with Hesitation, Mutual with trust
joshyeaton: it sounds very complex
AlaisBlue: It is
AlaisBlue: Connection bw people is not as simple as waving and saying hello
AlaisBlue: much goes on in the simplest of exchange bw people
AlaisBlue: Our bodies/minds/emotions/souls all interchange at amazing rates due to cellular transformation
AlaisBlue: And we have scientific evidence of some of these transactions and have since the 1700's
joshyeaton: kind of like "chi"
AlaisBlue: But the physiology of 'talent', the psi activity going on in the blood stream, the mind, -
AlaisBlue: Yes like chi :-)
AlaisBlue: The physiology of talent is where I remain, to help people - like you
joshyeaton: i once knew a sensei who would talk of chi being scientifically proven, but i never read into it
AlaisBlue: Like the millions of people like you
joshyeaton: so chi, tao, the will of god, it's all the same
AlaisBlue: Yes
AlaisBlue: You got it
AlaisBlue: IT is all the same ... it's all energy - suffusion of will in any format
AlaisBlue: It's YOU
AlaisBlue: Which is the whole - that whole rant on "I am one with the universe blah blah blah"
AlaisBlue: There's some truth to that
joshyeaton: and it all means simply "the life force" or something like that, and it all flows with the blood, kind of like the lymphatic system i learned about in biology
AlaisBlue: YES
AlaisBlue: :-)
AlaisBlue: See - you DO understand
AlaisBlue: More than you know
joshyeaton: lol
AlaisBlue: the lymphatic system plays a big part
AlaisBlue: My best friend went to a class at UW Milwaukee recently on physicology and energy work and he says the lymphatic system is key - but I forget what direct reference he made
joshyeaton: i'm just spitting out the stuff i thought of months ago when i was still waist deep in obsession with the Orient and all things martial-arts related
AlaisBlue: I'll need to reask
AlaisBlue: Josh - you are on the right trac
AlaisBlue: track
AlaisBlue: Exactly so - realize in those thoughts alone-
AlaisBlue: YOU are ahead of many people seeking 'enlightenment' as well as balance
AlaisBlue: It doesn't make you better - just more clear
joshyeaton: i've got a question
AlaisBlue: go ahead
joshyeaton: do you think i should tell anyone else all this? maybe have them talk to you? this information could help somebody in a slightly tough spot in life.
joshyeaton: people say i think too much of others....but still, as much frustration as i've had, the fact still remains that my ex gf has been talking suicide and as far as i know still refuses to take her medication. she told me at one point that she was psychic, so this might help her.
AlaisBlue: You should tell who ever you feel comfortable telling
AlaisBlue: And I would be willing to talk with her at any time
AlaisBlue: People need t know they are not crazy
joshyeaton: well, the problem with my ex is that she's a diagnosed OCD, ADHD, manic depressant suicidal on medication. it would take a lot of convincing i think to make her believe she's not crazy, and to start acting like she believes that.
AlaisBlue: Most of the people with talent of that degree - catalyzation, high frequency get diagnosed as bi-polar etc
joshyeaton: yeah, the other person i know that talks suicide got diagnosed as bipolar
joshyeaton: but she's got no psychic talent that i know of, not that i know how to tell
joshyeaton: but anyway, you said a couple of times that this all starts with meditation, did you not?
AlaisBlue: Not necessarily
AlaisBlue: We used to teach people that - but for high frequency channelers etc - that doesn't work
AlaisBlue: First off - let me define high frequency
AlaisBlue: Not everybody fits into a category -
AlaisBlue: But myself, I am high frequency
AlaisBlue: I am a channeler (information in pure energy which I translate into data) telepathic, catalytic, transfusing technomancing fast paced, thought format psi
AlaisBlue: Low frequency - empathic, earth energy, feeling the ground, power generator
AlaisBlue: Emotions
AlaisBlue: Etc.
AlaisBlue: High frequency people are also the precogs
AlaisBlue: Having dreams/visions, hearing voices
AlaisBlue: Low frequency people are your super reclusive ones that have hearts teh size of mammoths or the people who can hardly handle the mall from the sheer amount of drain
AlaisBlue: They are they people who heal
AlaisBlue: etc
AlaisBlue: Does that help clarify?
AlaisBlue: And there is a middle ground
AlaisBlue: But those people are still kinda rare
AlaisBlue: That's not to say you don't have talents from both ends of the spectrum, it's just to say that you typically resonate more comfortably in one end or the other
joshyeaton: wow
joshyeaton: that clears things up a LOT
joshyeaton: and i definitely do cover both ends of the spectrum, b/c i can very much relate with an empath and going to the mall is very draining. same with driving in heavy traffic or anything like that.
AlaisBlue: yes
AlaisBlue: ::nods
AlaisBlue: See, it's not mystic
AlaisBlue: Not far=fetched
AlaisBlue: It's mind/body and simply paying attention
AlaisBlue: Being aware of your talent, controlling it, concious effort to balance, stabilize, realize you ARE different, not special, just different and have different needs
AlaisBlue: And when you pop or you feel the need to distance yourself, hold up your hands and buffer yourself from other people's desires/wants/expectations - learn not to stop yourself or feel weird
AlaisBlue: People are not malicious - they just literally don't understand
AlaisBlue: :-(
AlaisBlue: I worry about people - I watch what they do to one another ::shivers::
AlaisBlue: It's not pretty
joshyeaton: you're damned right it's not.....
AlaisBlue: Let me give you an example of a day in the life of Brina -
AlaisBlue: :-)
joshyeaton: my sister was telling me today of all the fights that she sees go on at her school
AlaisBlue: and btw - if you haven't been to my website - - by all means go there
AlaisBlue: I'm a normal person
joshyeaton: i personally remember those days of suspension and principle's office visits
AlaisBlue: I have a normal job
joshyeaton: lol
AlaisBlue: normal hobbies - etc
joshyeaton: :-)
AlaisBlue: Fights - you?
joshyeaton: yup
AlaisBlue: lol
AlaisBlue: for example -
AlaisBlue: tonight.
joshyeaton: ok
AlaisBlue: My best friend/pair'd half - what ever you want to call him, is an empath
AlaisBlue: He is very low
AlaisBlue: I am very high
AlaisBlue: but we are tuned to one another no matter distance or emotion
AlaisBlue: So I'm driving home from my first day at a new job with a university
AlaisBlue: At which the buildings hummed and buzzed with thoughts of students. Learning creates a residual energy that sticks to teh walls of these instiuations almost bringing the walls their own sense of conciousness
AlaisBlue: I had been prepared, however having been to a University before on a professional level. When I entered the server room that day I could 'feel' the machines, memory usage, cpu percentage, processes going on in the servers, w/out looking at a monirot or hard drive LED - that's technomancy
AlaisBlue: My telepathy is of course filtered down to nothing -0 not even beta waves - I don't watn to hear it
AlaisBlue: So the day went by pretty well. I'm driving home, listening to music, feeling the need to exercise and all of the sudden I'm draining
AlaisBlue: Energy is wafting off in large puffs. I pull up an internal screen in mymind and I 'look' at my links
AlaisBlue: Links: Connections to people/places/things/entities
AlaisBlue: Jason's link is pulling the energy -
AlaisBlue: I do an 'origin tracer link' to verify this is correct
AlaisBlue: Origin Tracer Link: Link that is sent out like a ping to determine original frequency based on location of intitation of energy request
joshyeaton: yikes, you make it sound like one of those CIA movies
AlaisBlue: hehe
AlaisBlue: Sorry - I'm breaking it down for you actually quite a bit
AlaisBlue: I blinked and verified it
AlaisBlue: But so you understand it, I am explain in more detail
AlaisBlue: It was him, so instead of exercising I left him a voicemail with the time, asking him to confirm
AlaisBlue: I then noted my surroundings, grabbed some dinner an dheaded home to relax.
AlaisBlue: ONLY in this situation (with Jason) will an energy pull like that effect me bc he's my pair'd half
AlaisBlue: It's like a soul mate - but not quite the same
joshyeaton: yeah. that's weird.
joshyeaton: well, to me anyway
AlaisBlue: pair'd halves equal all knowledge
joshyeaton: the unlearned, the blank slate
AlaisBlue: I.e. what I know he doesn't
AlaisBlue: vice versa
AlaisBlue: therefore we have a total knowledge base
AlaisBlue: and when we are together, there is nothing, quite literally, that we cannot figure out
joshyeaton: very cool. but, how do you find these people?
AlaisBlue: We are not all powerful
AlaisBlue: I am a catalytic telepath - I drew them to me for years
AlaisBlue: people with that catalytic ability draw to them
AlaisBlue: catalyzation comes in several talent forms
AlaisBlue: but let me finish my story quick to finish this example
joshyeaton: well then i must be a catalyst
AlaisBlue: He called within 20 min of the instance -
joshyeaton: ok
joshyeaton: lol
AlaisBlue: You probably are
AlaisBlue: He had gotten psychichally bombarded and drained and had to change physical location so he pulled on me hard - he had a rough night last night in Chicago
AlaisBlue: So, at the exact time the drain went on I was correct blah blah
AlaisBlue: Thsi happens to us constnatly 2
AlaisBlue: 4 - 8 x a day
AlaisBlue: It is not irregular - it's part of the cycle
AlaisBlue: there are times at work where I have to stop, breathe, re-center, re-shield myself at a different frequency or alter my vibration altogether to change someone's projection or if I feel shifting the entire room is necessary
AlaisBlue: End of story
AlaisBlue: My point being, I am a 'normal' person by all societal standards except 1
AlaisBlue: I technically shoudl be schizophrenic
AlaisBlue: multiple personalities etc
AlaisBlue: I am not bc I choose not to be. I am a channeler. I have never read a single book on psychic ability.
AlaisBlue: None.
joshyeaton: wow
AlaisBlue: I didn't have to. They were already in my head - like the matrix, if I am seeking information, I plug in. I can tap networks like nothing.
joshyeaton: how did you find out about all this again? college?
AlaisBlue: From age 5 most major spiirtual books, bible etc - were already there
AlaisBlue: I scared my paretns to death. Information is energy, it's all about translation and transfer.
AlaisBlue: No.
AlaisBlue: I never went to college - I worked
AlaisBlue: I taught myself networking - computers
AlaisBlue: I am a technomancer
joshyeaton: well, i'll buy the "information is energy" bit.
AlaisBlue: plus that knowledge ability and when the knowledge is in datagrams - bah np
AlaisBlue: I learn really fast -
joshyeaton: technomancer? a valid profession?
AlaisBlue: don't get me wrong - I'm not super woman
AlaisBlue: and I DON't learn by osmosis
AlaisBlue: I apply myself, I'm smart :-)
joshyeaton: yikes.....and people warm me about majoring in acting!
AlaisBlue: Technomany is a form of electronic communication
joshyeaton: :-)
AlaisBlue: It's the ability to interface with machines
AlaisBlue: Computers is where people really need to pay attn
AlaisBlue: I can crash my pc if I'm super emotional
AlaisBlue: blue screen
AlaisBlue: monitor goes etc
AlaisBlue: Just like blowing light bulbs
AlaisBlue: Talents take control -
AlaisBlue: You have to be every concious of what's cycling through you
AlaisBlue: ::whew;:
AlaisBlue: I hope that explains things a bit better
AlaisBlue: Again, hearing voices isn't all bad
AlaisBlue: Learning that the voices are frequency and learning what freqeuncies are safe takes TIME and WILL
AlaisBlue: Most people are so excited to hear voices and spirit gudies they 'surrender' and just 'give in to the will of the universe'
AlaisBlue: bullshit
AlaisBlue: You have willpower for a reason
AlaisBlue: spirit guides will use people for thei rown devices like politicians
AlaisBlue: You have to be careful. Trust is difficult, learning is key.
AlaisBlue: Your focus determines your reality ~
AlaisBlue: Yoda
AlaisBlue: :-)
joshyeaton: this is getting a bit scary now
AlaisBlue: I'm teasing with the quote
joshyeaton: lol
AlaisBlue: lol
AlaisBlue: To break the 'serious' tone
joshyeaton: :-)
AlaisBlue: ::shakes him by the shoulders::
AlaisBlue: :-)
joshyeaton: lol! well.....
joshyeaton: yes, i do. normal, but different from everybody else.
AlaisBlue: YES! Now ya got it.
AlaisBlue: NOW
AlaisBlue: Do what YOU intuitively KNOW is BEST for you.
AlaisBlue: Protect you in the ways you KNOW are best for you.
AlaisBlue: HELP the people you KNOW need you
AlaisBlue: IF you are a catalytic empath, they will come to you, be loyal
AlaisBlue: And you sleeping with them will 'fix' them temporarily
AlaisBlue: But as an empath you break too
AlaisBlue: More easily actually than us fragile upper freq people
AlaisBlue: So be careful, take care of yourself, don't be afraid to isolate yourself for awhile to clear.
AlaisBlue: And by all means if you attract people on a regular basis
AlaisBlue: Share with them
joshyeaton: well i was always brought up with isolationism as being a bad tihng
AlaisBlue: It's not
AlaisBlue: Isolation scares people are insecure in themselves
AlaisBlue: Parents included
AlaisBlue: IGNORE
AlaisBlue: Realize that you can remove social programming u
joshyeaton: not even like F. Scott Fitzgerald going away and living alone for 2 years?
AlaisBlue: quite easily actually
AlaisBlue: Good for him
AlaisBlue: He was 'recentering'
AlaisBlue: :-)
joshyeaton: lol
joshyeaton: well, he did darned good when he came back out. divorced his wife, i think, and wrote a bestseller. i plan on writing a bestseller, but i don't know how......most of those people with the good insights and the better books have/had a good decade on me
AlaisBlue: bah
AlaisBlue: Never give up - never surrender.
AlaisBlue: Tim Allen movie
AlaisBlue: :-)
joshyeaton: hehe :-)
joshyeaton: well, i can't tell you how much i appreciate having this conversation
AlaisBlue: :-)
AlaisBlue: IM anytime babe
joshyeaton: not only was it informative, but it was one of the more enjoyable i've ever had, too
AlaisBlue: Good luck - stay in touch.
AlaisBlue: You're most welcome.
joshyeaton: thank you :-)
AlaisBlue: Keep it real, tug on reality, smack it up and let it know you're utterly aware of how to make things move YOUR way.
joshyeaton: you have a goodnight yourself, and have a Happy New Year, too
AlaisBlue: No problem. u2